what we do

Sounddesign Audiobranding, Soundscapes, Foley, SFX, Fieldrecordings, immersive audio for VR

Production Music, Broadcast, Web, Radio, Promos, Animation, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Stock Music searches & licensing

Composition for Screen, Theatre, Dance, Performance, Circus, Entertainment, Commercials & Digital content

Installations for Eyes and Ears

who we are

‘Lohrey&Benz’ is a collaboration of several musicial entities that act as a productive and creative source of sound & music design. With a specific depth  and meticulously designed spheres of sound, combining familiar particles with unusual, twisted components this group delivers creations that leave a mark on every listener. The musical art created isn’t just a string of several notes put together but more a sculpture of a three dimensional landscape of sound that is capable of giving birth to vivid images. The team defines and celebrates sound and music as a part of common liaisons with a range of artists, scientists and specialists from different genres. Whether it is a movie or an installation, a live performance or an animation, a videoclip or a space-concept of a gallery, your cat hiding in a cardboard box or your grandma taking the trash out: this collective will take it to a new level.

friends & family

In cooperation with veyvey-films we offer you a deal that covers all aspects of video, sound and music for your project. Everything ensured by well-practised workflow and long established teamwork. We lead your project from a first idea to the final product with maximum transparency during the process.

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