what we do

Sounddesign Audiobranding, Soundscapes, Foley, SFX, Fieldrecordings, immersive audio for VR

Production Music, Broadcast, Web, Radio, Promos, Animation, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Stock Music searches & licensing

Composition for Screen, Theatre, Dance, Performance, Circus, Entertainment, Commercials & Digital content

Installations for Eyes and Ears

who we are

Jan Benz and Steffen Lohrey act as a team of Composers and Sound Designers. With a main focus on performing arts and soundinstallation, they specialized on the development of creating soundscapes and interactive playgrounds with and for performers and audiences. The intense research they practise and the detailed process of establishing a specific, unique and fitting concept, for each project they accompany, is the trademark of their work.
Jan and Steffen currently live and work in Hamburg (germany).

friends & family

In cooperation with veyvey-films we offer you a deal that covers all aspects of video, sound and music for your project. Everything ensured by well-practised workflow and long established teamwork. We lead your project from a first idea to the final product with maximum transparency during the process.

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